Founding partner: Mark Homer

Mark has bought over 700 properties (by the age of 34, & counting) since 2003. He is a systems and analysis genius (Rob thinks geek) and loves the details of business.

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He has commentated in almost all major publications including regularly on BBC Radio, ITV, The Independent, the FT, The Wall Street journal, IBT, as well as co-authoring the UK’S 5 Best Selling Property Books.

Mark quit (got fired from) corporate life in 2006 where he saw a long road to quiet desperation, giving up a ‘good job’ that was actually dead end and monotonous.

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On the side Mark had been an Entrepreneur/investor since age 15, starting many businesses through University, continually saving, re-investing and compounding the money using laws of wealth he’d discovered and learned from some of the richest men in the world. These systems have made him many millions, and he now teaches these at US.


Marks Latest Book

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Mark is also UK all books best seller of his infamous, paranoid book, “Low Cost High Life” – how to live an affordable life of luxury.

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World Record Breaker...



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