14 Responses to Fran & Jane Dolley

  1. Its great you got the family involved in what you are doing, you guys are a massive inspiration to everyone,
    well done on all that net cash flow pcm :) poor old peter and his nickname its beginning to stick lol!

  2. Awesome, really inspirational! I love that you saw what you wanted, i.e. making through property, and just going out there and doing it!

  3. You both are incredibly inspirational, it’s great that you have involved your children :-)

  4. Awesome work guys, it’s even more motivating to realise that your property investment success with Progressive Property has created careers for both your son and daughter… Looking forward to the next Multi-Let Without The Sweat masterclass!

  5. Fantastic results Fran and Jane! Really inspirational story about your journey and what you have achieved. It shows that investing in yourself and then taking action with the knowledge you gained has paid real dividends, long may it continue!……..It’s great that you are part of the Progessive Property community and are sharing some of your wealth building techniques using property…cue the plug for the Multi-Let Without The Sweat course! :)

  6. A really nice family working a pretty neat low investment, good return strategy – and a great (Multi Let Without The Sweat) weekend recently telling us about it :-)

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