Founding partner: Rob Moore

Rob is a self made Property Investor, Businessman/Entrepreneur, 5 times best selling author, world record holder, speaker, compulsive addicted student of personal empowerment, pilot & proud Dad, who co-owns 7 companies in property, lettings & finance, including Unlimited Success.

And not that it is the most important thing, but also a Multi-millionaire. Though when Rob became financially independent in 2006/7, the money mattered less and the vision and legacy meant much more

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But it wasn’t always that way, and in 2005 he was struggling to make ends meet as an Artist, selling his work for less than it was worth (if he could). He built up debt of over £50,000 since leaving University, and had become frustrated and reclusive, feeling there was more to life than money worries and unhappiness.

Rob had a painful, life changing event on December 15th 2005 that completely changed everything and the pain became the fuel. Rob opens up about this at US events.


Fast forward to now just a few short years later, Rob is a highly sought after (and highly paid) speaker on business, property & personal empowerment. He’s helped over 220,000 people improve their finances, businesses & emotions. But Rob isn’t your average Multi-millionaire. He’s well known for a very direct, no B.S attitude; candid, prolific & disruptive.

Rob has partnered with many of the biggest household name business people, featured in prime time TV shows for Living as a business Mentor, on Channel 4, the BBC, The Independent and The Business Channel, as well as mentoring success-hungry people who want to achieve more money & recognition in business & life.

Rob is known as the go to guy who can make you believe that you can more than you believe you can’t, and he’s quite possibly inspired more Entrepreneurs than many in the UK.




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